Enhance your breast size effortlessly

Beauty is just not skin deep but having a perfect body and skin can leave a lasting impression on others. Some women have beautiful features while some have to strive to get fantastic and striking figure. Some may have beautiful eyes while others may starve themselves to maintain a perfect figure.

But what is that in a lady that attracts a man most? Ask this to men and most will answer breasts. The parts of a woman’s body that arouses a man and gives him pleasure are breasts of course. So what if you have smaller boobs and fail to impress your partner? There are so many ways which can be helpful for you in enhancing your breast size. Follow just a few simple tips and increase your cup size in just a few days. Bring little changes in your lifestyle and see magical results.

  • Always watch your plate

Filling your body with the right calories and healthy food is really important. And don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated. Only an active brain will control the production of hormones that are needed by your body to function and obviously enlarge your boobs.

An active brain will increase the levels of sex hormones in your body which will assist your breasts cells to multiple faster and you will be able to enlarge your boobs naturally.

  • Get your body moving

Lack of physical activity can make you lazy and you may even feel to lethargic to have sex. Include exercises and workouts in your daily routine to keep yourself active. Not only will it improve your stamina but control the production of hormones good for breasts enhancement.

Improve your sex life and enhance your libido with some physical activities. With enhanced stamina and sex drive, you will enjoy wild sex like never before. And of course your partner will be evoked to do it again and again when he gets to play with the big, juggling balls.

  • Creams and pills

Tired of using different devices and drinks to enhance your breasts? Use over the counter pills and breasts enhancement creams to fulfill your purpose. Products like these contain steroids and artificial hormones that pump up your body to increase the levels of estrogen in the body so that it can focus on the breasts cells for expansion.

Some of these creams and pills may have helped ladies successfully but prolonged use can cause side effects as well. Rather than reshaping and contouring your breasts you may ruin its shape complete with artificial steroids and creams.

  • Total curve: A full treatment

A perfect blend of cream, supplement and exercise, Total Curve focuses on all the aspects so that you can get the best outcomes. Does not matter if you have smaller breasts or sagging ones, this product will contour your boobs and reshape them in an amazing manner. This is an entire breasts treatment for enlarging boobs.

The formula or cream and supplement have been developed by experts and contain 100% natural ingredients. Apply the cream on your boobs, massage gently and leave it on for some time. It will absorb quickly, will leave no stain behind and work on enhancing your breasts from external side, while the supplement will focus on your hormone production and work internally towards breast enlargement.

A manual that comes along with it has exercises in it that focus specifically on breast enlargement and that you stay fit during the whole process. Increase your cup size in a healthy way with this fantastic product. Brestrogen vs Total Curve

  • Breast reshaping surgery

If you think you can afford it and handle the pain, breast reshaping surgery will give your breasts a quick fix. From smaller breasts to uplifting them, cosmetic surgery can do everything for you. If you cannot wait for days to get what you want than go for this artificial procedure to get bigger breasts. Only expert surgeons can conduct such surgeries as it needs a lot of precision and knowledge to be completed successfully. The more experienced doctor you consult, the better the results will be and the more you will have to pay.

  • The right bra to wear

If you want to maintain the right shape of your boobs and save them from sagging, choose the right outfit and especially the right bra for yourself. So if you want pretty boobs, choose the right bra next time you visit a lingerie shop.

  • Conclusion

There are many unnatural ways to improve your breast shape and size. Total curve is the only product available in the market the works on every aspect to help you enlarge your boobs in the right proportion, in a healthy way and without any side effects. So get back to your wild sex life and seduce your partner with bigger and firmer boobs.

Boost your sex life

Every woman can go extra miles to add charm in her sexual life in order to satisfy her partner. However, sagging vagina can drive away all the sensation and attraction of sex life. There are many causes that are responsible for this issue, childbirth is one of those reasons which can make your vagina lose. Even if you do not undergo natural childbirth, still due to pregnancy, the pelvic muscle becomes loose. Ladies no need to worry; you can regain tightness of your vagina and can make your sex life joyful by various natural methods and products like V Tight Gel. Curious to know how? Keep reading till the end and find out.

  1. Healthy diet

A nutritional diet is one of the most efficient ways of tightening your vagina tissues. Natural foods will help in strengthening your pelvic floor. By feeding the muscle properly, you can repair your vagina muscles. It is suggested to increase the consumption of food items, that contain natural estrogens, like natural estrogens pomegranates, sesame seeds, and soybeans. Whole foods can help in making your inner muscles healthy and strong.

  1. Exercise

Other than making changes in your diet, the workout can also tighten your vagina. Various exercises make your pelvic muscles strong and boost your sex life. Here, you will be reading about few exercises that are much effective in this regard.


Kegels are considered one of the most effective exercises that help in vagina tightening. You can do kegel exercise by locating the targeting muscles. After locating it, clean your bladder. Lie on a floor, on your back. Exert pressure on your pelvic muscle by squeezing and hold it for few seconds. It produces best results if you successfully locate your muscle. Doing it daily for 10-15 minutes can bring drastic changes in your vagina. The best thing about this exercise is that, you can also do it anywhere and anytime. Lying on flour is not a necessity. It can be done while sitting or standing, in private or public, nobody will get to know what’s going on between your legs.


You can recover vaginal tightness by doing squats. It is easy, but most of the people do not perform it in right way. Squats are known for firming thighs and shaping hips but little do people know that it works great for vagina too. Stand on your feet in a way that your feet are outside to the width of your hip. Make sure that your feet are at a level. Now pretend like you are sitting on a bench then return to your initial position and stand straight. Repeat the exercise for 10-15 minutes in a day.


Leg-ups is another way to tightens vagina naturally. It can be performed by lying straight on the back and raising your legs up.  Make sure not to bend your legs. Incorporate this exercise in your everyday routine for best results.


Yoga is also useful in toning vagina. It plays a significant role in enhancing your pelvic muscle. Child pose and bridge pose are considered most effective in vagina tightening.

Important Notice!

Exercises are the safest way to shape-up woman’s private part. It’s a great method for those who are patient because exercise can show results slowly. Besides, exercises should be done regularly for best outcomes. You will find thousands of exercises for this issue all over the internet. In addition, you can also ask a gym trainer to guide you properly in this regard. Exercises are beneficial and worth your try and patience.

Other methods

Other than balancing your diet and exercises various methods can help you in toning your vagina. Fortunately, you will find hundreds of products for this cause in the market. Creams, lotion, gels or supplements, all type of products are available. These products claim to tighten your vagina naturally by strengthen the pelvic floor. Gels like V-tight Gel are simple to use and efficient in performance. Pills are supplements are also there to help. Still, people prefer creams and gels rather than pills and supplements.

Vaginal tightening surgery can also help you in transforming your loose vagina into a tight one. However, most of the people do not prefer vagina tightening surgery as it has side effects. Surgery produces instant results but can cause a health risk. Apart from this, these surgeries are not affordable for everyone. HerSolution Gel

The Verdict

Whether you are a guy or a girl, it’s your right to enjoy your sex life as much as you can. However, a sagging vagina can leave a woman unsatisfied and man also began to lose interest. This is why, women are in search for some magical solutions that can make them young again. Exercises and balanced diet are essential in this regard. But, if you are impatient and want quick results then you can go for surgeries. If you can’t afford surgeries, then try vaginal tightening products like V-Tight Gel.

Tight vagina, satisfied lust and pleased partner, what else do you want?


Do Not Skip The Physical Exercise

All of us are aware of the fact that exercise is good for our health whether it is the mental workout or any kind of physical exercise. When you start your day with a warm-up of muscles then there is every fewer chance of any kind of muscle injury that may interrupt your day. But that’s not all because physical activity is good both for your body and your brain‘s health. Exercises are mainly of three types that are flexibility exercises, secondly, aerobic exercises and lastly anaerobic exercise which are good for your muscles stretching, the motion of your muscles and the joints and also save you from cardiovascular problems. Similarly, physical activity is important for your health, for weight loss and for saving you from diabetic issues. Secondly, you should use Noocube which is good for your mental health and helps you improve your memory and boosts your metabolism.

Exercise or we can say physical activity is the key to losing weight. We all are aware that exercise helps us in every aspect of life but we are not aware of the things or the ways which we can attempt to perform an exercise. As we know that our ancestors work a lot for getting food, shelter, and clothes and for that they have to do physical work from which their bodies are activated and they do not gain weight. But now a day’s everything is so easy, even we do not use stairs and we use lift to reach our destination. Doing exercise daily helps us burn our calories and make the fat level of our body neutral that is very important for a healthy and smart body.


Are you feeling emotional deprived? Do you have so many mood swings? Maybe most of you have these issues but no one tries to find the answer to these questions. Let us tell you when your body is not active and you are not habitual to exercise then your muscles start to lose its flexibility and you become weak and get mood swings. But the solution to these issues is physical activity because when you do physical exercise your brain stimulates cells which improve your mood and you start to feel active, sharp and happy.


Are you worried of health diseases? Do you feel that you will have high blood pressure? Are you worried of muscle issues? Then do not worry we are here to tell you that whatever your age or your weight is you will not face these issues if you regularly attempt physical activity. Whatever your weight is if you are doing any kind of physical activity then your level of high-density lipoproteins increases and your cholesterol level is also controlled through the physical activity which boosts your metabolism. When you do any kind of physical activity then you are saved from: Nootropic Supplement
1. Heart diseases or cardiovascular diseases.
2. Strokes.
3. Diabetic issues.
4. Cholesterol issues.
5. High blood pressure issues.


As you are aging it is very important for you to do physical activity to improve your bones density because when age increases your bones start to lose its powers and its density and at some point in life you are not able to walk normally. But if take precautions at any early age then you do not have o worry about that issues because if you start doing the physical activity then you can be saved from any of these issues. Research tells us that doing aerobic physical activity helps you in bone strengthening and muscles strengthening. For example, hip fracture is mostly common in older ages, but researchers say that if you do daily 2 hours of physical activity or aerobic exercises then you will not face the problem of hip fracture. And if your joints are affected and you are having arthritis than aerobic exercise can also help you and daily physical aerobic exercise of 2 hours and 20 minutes can reduce your joint pain and gradually your joints will start improving and you can move easily.


These are some key points that you should keep in mind because they are very important for your health and fitness of your mind. Doing physical activity helps you boost your metabolism and you are also saved from so many diseases and problems of joints and muscles. Similarly, if you try Noocube so it will also help you to increase your mental health and your memory and it can also be called as memory booster which gives you the benefit to remember things. So, if you want to walk in your older age and you do not want to get dependent on others then you should do physical activity daily.


Reshape your body and get the desired look

Have you ever wondered which part of a woman’s body fascinates a man? Of course those two big melons hanging there are found most attractive by man. Guys love playing with breasts during sex, the bigger they are, the more erotic he will be.

Fondling, bouncing, kissing and sucking, men simply enjoy playing with breasts. So why not work a little on making your boobs better? Take care of your breasts so that your partner gets aroused just by looking at it. Are you amongst those women who are unhappy with their body? Not satisfied with their breast’s size? Then here are a few tips for all the women with small boobs out there to enhance their breast size and make guy fall for them.

  • Focus on what you eat

Check what you eat because a healthy diet can help you enlarge your breasts to the desired size. Incorporate fresh fruits, vegetables and dairy products in your every day meals because the nutrients in these items facilitate the body in production of hormones that may help in improving the breasts size and increasing your sexual drive.

The healthier your diet will be, the more actively your brain will work and it will produce hormones that will give you glowing skin and enhance your beauty.

  • Workouts and meditation

To balance your eating habits with a good workout regime is important too. Yoga, meditation or strenuous workouts at the gym, do what you like because an active life style will help you improve your physical health. The more active you are, the more stamina and endurance you will build up. This means an increase in the sex drive and more pleasure in the bed.

Increased physical activity makes your brain work faster and increases the hormone production in the body. The increased levels of hormones will help your breast cell to multiply faster and you will end up with larger, firmer breasts to seduce the guys.

  • Brestrogen: A natural formula

Wouldn’t it be great if you are able to enhance your cup size and hide the signs of your growing age at the same time? Brestrogen is one magical cream that can solve all of your problems. Made from 100% natural ingredients, it fuels the cells in the breasts to multiply and increases the blood flow to the boobs by releasing hormones do complete the task.

Not only will this wonderful formula help you in increasing your cup size but will give you firmer and contoured breasts. Say bye to those sagging and unsymmetrical boobs when you can get the desired outcomes with Brestrogen.

  • Supplements and pills

If you think you have tried everything and nothing has worked for you, try some of the over the counter pills or supplements for breasts enhancement. There are multiple supplements available in the market that promises the consumers to give them the desired result. These pills and supplements may carry artificial hormones or steroids that will trick your brain into actively produce hormone for breasts enhancement.

Be careful when you go for such medications because they might have side effects and rather than helping you, these pills might ruin your health.

  • Costly surgeries

If you want to get quick results for breasts enhancement then go for breasts augmentation or breasts reshaping surgery. These surgeries may be expensive and require expert surgeons, but the results are quicker than other products.

If you had a disturbed sex life since a long time and hated how your body looked, than it is time to get yourself a makeover. Surgeries for breasts enlargement might have permanent result and you might even face swelling, scarring and a few side effects which will go away with time. if you are not scared of getting yourself opened on the operating table, then go ahead with this procedure and wake up to a new body with larger boobs.

  • Wear the right bra

The size of your outfits and especially bra matter a lots. Like you, your skin needs space to breathe too. Wear bra that is neither too lose nor too tight. The correct bra size will give your breasts space to breath and the cells will get a chance to multiply and increase your breast size naturally. The right size will make your boobs grow proportionally and keep it firm. So know the right cup size for your assets. Prosolution Gel

  • Conclusion

Just a few changes here and there can help you in getting beautiful, firm and bigger boobs. Use Brestrogen to enhance your breast’s size naturally and flaunt them confidently and use them to arouse your partner. Let him enjoy the soft, big ball and give you the pleasure like never before. Sex will be fun when you’ll be happy with your body.


Seven weight reduction tips straight from Hollywood!

Who doesn’t love the West? We all do. Despite what people may say eighty percent of them do care about what goes down in the oh-so-famous Hollywood. Whether it’s a new movie or some celebrity scandal, we all want to know what’s really cooking in their world.

As cool as we may act, it does concern us (even when it shouldn’t or maybe it’s a matter of interest). Not only is Hollywood famous and well known for its movies, remarkable actors and melodious albums but the fitness plans of these celebrities are also taken into great consideration by the audience.

As these individuals are so famous, they have to constantly watch what they eat and work out to maintain their image (as sad as that sounds!). Some do it out of peer pressure while others just want to stay fit, like us. While some stars excessively work out when they’re in a mood to drop maximum weight, others look into living a balanced life, keeping themselves healthy and working out side by side. Weight loss pills are also another great way to lose weight quickly.

Take a look at the top tips from the most experienced stars; the ones who managed to drop pounds without starving themselves to death.

  • Slow and steady wins the race

Take it from one of our favourite Kardashians, Khloe, who lost thirty pounds in a year and a half. How? She worked hard, real hard. Not only that she didn’t starve herself of her favourite foods, instead she indulged in them in small portions. It may seem slow to you right now, but its better to follow an attainable routine which will stay with you longer and help you lose a hell lot of weight eventually.

  • Lighten up your mind

Find new innovative ways to add workouts into your routine. It really is all about willpower. Everyone can make time for toning. Jenna Dewan Tatum is a true inspiration in this case. Want to know how she lost her baby weight?
By indulging in lunges as well as calf raises as she rocked her little bundle of joy to sleep daily. That too for about forty-five minutes. Perseverance!  Melissa McCarthy Weight Loss

  • Add more action

Try to incorporate as much movement as you can in your workout routine. Even if it just walking; do it! Jessica Simpson is the person to look up to in this matter. Not only did she go for 45-minute resistance work outs thrice every week but she also logged around eight thousand to ten thousand steps during a single day. This was right after her pregnancy when she wanted to get rid of the excessive baby weight.

  • Don’t shut food out (completely)

Saying good-bye to the food you love (whether its that hot chocolate sundae or the rich cheese burger) is never the solution. Kim Kardashian has said how she follows a diet plan while at the same time allows herself a cheat meal every week. Even experts say that it is better to satisfy your cravings once in a day rather than binging the whole day the next day.

  • Take it easy

Relax! Keep your cool; never lose it. Christina Aguilera used Reiki (an ancient Asian practice) to lose weight. In her defense, it kept her at peace with herself and her environment which in turn slimmed her down. Research has proven that if you’re managing your stress levels in a good way, then that can help you drop those extra pounds faster than you could ever imagine.

  • Count it as socializing

Learn to consider your workout routine as a social occasion. Melissa Joan Hart started taking her gym time as socializing. She went with people, whether it was her husband or her friends. As a result, she lost about seventy pounds after her third baby. Yes, SEVENTY! When you involve others in your workout routine, that keeps you motivated by giving you more incentive to go to the gym and stick to your healthy diet.

  • Its all about you

Don’t do it for the guy you want to date, don’t do it because your mama says you are fat, don’t do it for the guy who shattered your self esteem by telling you that he was too good for you, do it for no one but you! When you do things for others to satisfy them or make them happy, you give up after a point.

So find that inner motivation and get on to your work out routine. That’s what Jennifer Hudson came to terms with when she went from a size sixteen to a size six. She said that the crux is to do it for you. If you don’t have that in you, you wouldn’t be able to make it to the finish line.

Hollywood can be very inspiring while best weight loss pills are more!


How to Keep Excess Weight Off During Vacations?

Vacation: the ideal place to get away from your horrendous boss, the real life monotony, buzzing alarms and endless household work. But as you travel, you know the real risk, the new found incentive and high motivation to leave behind your perfect diet and extensive work out. Although it is very much possible to work out side by side while at vacation if you’re a fitness freak but many still consider resorting to weight loss pills such as PhenQ.

However, on the brighter side, experts say that a vacation can be the best time to sharpen your health habits. Why? You are stress free, your sleeping pattern is on point and you’re in a new place, new city indulging in different experiences. The real challenge which will benefit you is to keep up with your usual healthy diet with an extra bit of cheat meals.

Following up, we share with you some of the top tips to maintain your weight during a holiday, just how the fitness pros suggest it.

  • Keep natural and healthy snacks

Don’t do junk, just don’t. Its not worth it, it never will be. Its better to keep dried fruit or little bags of nuts with you to munch on rather than a packet of unhealthy crisps. Even fruit would work.

  • Work the airport

So what if you’ve checked in ages before your flight take off, use that time wisely. Instead of sitting in the lounge like a laze ball or skimming through magazines, get up and walk back and forth in the terminals. Go window shop if that interests you (smart way as you won’t be spending money and working out). If there are stairs present, make sure you’re on to them as inclination burns calories faster.

  • Play the buffet card smartly

Don’t just drink wise but also eat so. Yes, the unlimited ravishing buffets filled with endless pancakes, scrambled eggs, bagels, French toast, omelets can be very tempting. But if you control yourself at that point that will really help you later during the day. Start off with sipping a little bit of coffee as that will contract your appetite. Then take a round of the whole place, choosing strategically what to eat; go for the healthy stuff such as fruit, yogurt, egg whites, etc

  • Carry your workout with you

We’re not asking you to spend your holiday working out. No. That is not how its supposed to be but at the same time you should devote some time to exercising on a daily basis if you want to indulge in that appetizer or sugary cocktail at the beach. So what if your hotel or resort does not provide you with the gym facility, take a skipping rope with you.

  • Choose wisely: Dessert or drink?

You can’t bake the cake and eat it too. Yes, we agree that drinks and dessert are the essentials to live through a vacation but at the same time if you aim at maintaining your figure and weight, it is important that you pick one of the too. So before really jumping to a decision make sure that you thoroughly read the full menu and then conclude as to what you desire.

  • Make use of hotel perks

Don’t think of working out as a task. Many hotels, actually most of them have in built gyms. You would be surprised at the high end equipment and machinery present in these places. Some of them are open for extended hours, while others are accessible around the clock (for twenty-four hours) and all seven days for your convenience. Don’t miss out on these opportunities as they are what will help you maintain your ideal weight.

  • Think before you drink

What you have at the bar can really impact your weight. You may be super fascinated by that umbrella topping fruit filled cocktail, but what you don’t realize is how even if you have just one of those, every day by the end of the day you would have gained a pound or more. So it is important that you choose your drink very wisely, go for the skinnier drinks; the ones with less calorie count e.g. vodka soda and champagne.  https://thephenqreview.com

  • Involve your family

Take part in activities which include physical activity, whether its volleyball at the beach or renting out bicycles to thoroughly explore the area, make sure your family is a part of these outings with you. This refers to the ‘forced family fun’ part of the vacation. Not only will your loved ones be accompanying you but at the same time you all would be on your road to fitness!

Add PhenQ diet supplements and make your vacation more natural to stay fit!


Few Keys to Healthy Weight Loss

Medical experts define weight loss as reduction in body mass by depleting extra reserves of fat and fluid inside the body.

Weight loss should always be healthy. Tiny steps should be taken in order to lose weight gradually.

Extreme weight loss at a faster pace pushes a person towards fatal health consequences.

Eat healthy to shed healthy!

Here are some key points to keep in mind when starting your weight loss journey:

  • Do Not Skip any Meal

A lot of persons develop a habit of skipping their meal and comprehend that this would help them reduce fast. That is 100% wrong!! When a person eats his meal a process named as Metabolism starts along with food digestion process.

Metabolism breaks down the chemicals and nutrients e.g. fat inside the food to form energy packets. Also, it helps the nutrients become part of the cells that collectively form a healthy human body. If metabolism is fast then food digests instantly and builds a healthy structure for body.

If this process slows down, nutrients do not reach their destination. Toxins remain inside the body and do not expel. Consequently, fat doesn’t break down, accumulate in body tissue and makes a person bulky and overweight. So, skipping meals isn’t an option for weight loss.

  • Eat Balanced Diet

Weight loss demands for portion controlling your diet i.e. eat 50-80% of your meal. Developing this habit will eventually give you a feeling of being full before finishing full 100% of the meal. But keep in mind a balanced diet that calls for a food that is enriched in all nutrients and minerals either they are fats, proteins or carbohydrates.

Always include 5 food groups: Dairy, meats and poultry, grains and legumes, vegetables and fruits part of your food that you consume on daily bases. All of these foods are specific in nutrients that a body needs in order to build a healthy body structure.

However, there are supplements that can also give you boost of energy and help you in shedding your weight quite efficiently.

Phen375 is one of those supplements that provides an upsurge of energy and suppresses your hunger. Phen375 weight loss pills  along with balanced diet is the best combination to lose healthy and stay fit.

  • Start with a Healthy Diet

Many people believe that in order to meet daily calorie requirement they can eat any food that stays inside calorie limit.

This is not true. A refined or even canned food with preservatives in it is less in nutrition value. Following are some foods that are healthy:

  • Eat Green

Green vegetables are the rich source of vitamins, fibers, iron and calcium. Research suggests that consuming green vegetables lower the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Consuming a portion of leafy and green vegetables reduces the risk of becoming diabetic and heart patient by 9 percent and 11 percent respectively. Some examples of green vegetables are: broccoli, kale, spinach, mustard greens and many more.

  • Consume More Fruits

Fruits contain more fibers and natural sugar in them. Adding a portion of fruit that counts for 80 grams should be added in daily eating. Though fruits are high in carbohydrates, it is suggested that fruits should be taken in moderate amount.

The sugar in it can b only metabolized by liver. So, if there is excessive fruit intake during weight loss the extra sugar (fructose) that is a form of carbohydrates will be converted into fats and becomes a part of body. There are some fruits that are best during weight loss journey.

Watermelon is 90% water and very low in calorie. It helps in optimal bowel movements. A medium size apple contains only 40-50 calorie and no fat or carbs. Likewise, Guava is a good source of nutrients.

Banana gives an instant surge of energy. Pears are great for weight management and aid in maintaining a better digestive system.

  • Consume Good Fats

Not all fats deteriorate the health status of an individual rather some mono-saturated fats are good for health and weight loss. High density lipids (HDL) are best for weight loss and they are good for your heart and body health.

Some good fats are essential for the maintenance of our body organs, muscles and cell architecture. The sources of human friendly fats are: olive oil, avocado, walnut and nuts, coconut and fish.

  • Eat Mindfully

Last but not the least, eating mindfully is as much important as eating while staying in calorie intake limits. Since one may follows the diet plans and keep in check the weight loss or gain, there may be certain habits that still makes them more vulnerable to weight gain rather than weight loss.

Here are some ways that may help you enjoy your food more and assist you achieving your dream weight:

  • Drink a lot of water before Main Course

Drinking a lot of water prior to main course occupies a major portion of stomach and leaves a little space for food.

Drinking water between and before meal reduces your appetite and helps you in eating less than you crave.  http://thecelebritynewsblog.com

  • Concentrate on your Food

Switch off your TV, laptop, Mobile devices and even your thoughts; just concentrate on what you are eating. If you are glued to these distractions there might be a chance that you won’t satisfy and this leads to overeating.

  • Keep track of what you are eating

Food journaling is a one way of telling you how the food is working for you. If certain food makes you lazy or hungry before time this is an indication of switching to another food that is calorie smart and more fulfilling than the one you are eating.

There are certain app available for smart phones that track you food intake and even count calories for you.

Shedding extra fat from your body is a sign that you care for your quality of life by protecting yourself from the risk of exposing to life threatening diseases due to obesity.

But losing weight in a healthy way is more important than anything else.