Boost your sex life

Every woman can go extra miles to add charm in her sexual life in order to satisfy her partner. However, sagging vagina can drive away all the sensation and attraction of sex life. There are many causes that are responsible for this issue, childbirth is one of those reasons which can make your vagina lose. Even if you do not undergo natural childbirth, still due to pregnancy, the pelvic muscle becomes loose. Ladies no need to worry; you can regain tightness of your vagina and can make your sex life joyful by various natural methods and products like V Tight Gel. Curious to know how? Keep reading till the end and find out.

  1. Healthy diet

A nutritional diet is one of the most efficient ways of tightening your vagina tissues. Natural foods will help in strengthening your pelvic floor. By feeding the muscle properly, you can repair your vagina muscles. It is suggested to increase the consumption of food items, that contain natural estrogens, like natural estrogens pomegranates, sesame seeds, and soybeans. Whole foods can help in making your inner muscles healthy and strong.

  1. Exercise

Other than making changes in your diet, the workout can also tighten your vagina. Various exercises make your pelvic muscles strong and boost your sex life. Here, you will be reading about few exercises that are much effective in this regard.


Kegels are considered one of the most effective exercises that help in vagina tightening. You can do kegel exercise by locating the targeting muscles. After locating it, clean your bladder. Lie on a floor, on your back. Exert pressure on your pelvic muscle by squeezing and hold it for few seconds. It produces best results if you successfully locate your muscle. Doing it daily for 10-15 minutes can bring drastic changes in your vagina. The best thing about this exercise is that, you can also do it anywhere and anytime. Lying on flour is not a necessity. It can be done while sitting or standing, in private or public, nobody will get to know what’s going on between your legs.


You can recover vaginal tightness by doing squats. It is easy, but most of the people do not perform it in right way. Squats are known for firming thighs and shaping hips but little do people know that it works great for vagina too. Stand on your feet in a way that your feet are outside to the width of your hip. Make sure that your feet are at a level. Now pretend like you are sitting on a bench then return to your initial position and stand straight. Repeat the exercise for 10-15 minutes in a day.


Leg-ups is another way to tightens vagina naturally. It can be performed by lying straight on the back and raising your legs up.  Make sure not to bend your legs. Incorporate this exercise in your everyday routine for best results.


Yoga is also useful in toning vagina. It plays a significant role in enhancing your pelvic muscle. Child pose and bridge pose are considered most effective in vagina tightening.

Important Notice!

Exercises are the safest way to shape-up woman’s private part. It’s a great method for those who are patient because exercise can show results slowly. Besides, exercises should be done regularly for best outcomes. You will find thousands of exercises for this issue all over the internet. In addition, you can also ask a gym trainer to guide you properly in this regard. Exercises are beneficial and worth your try and patience.

Other methods

Other than balancing your diet and exercises various methods can help you in toning your vagina. Fortunately, you will find hundreds of products for this cause in the market. Creams, lotion, gels or supplements, all type of products are available. These products claim to tighten your vagina naturally by strengthen the pelvic floor. Gels like V-tight Gel are simple to use and efficient in performance. Pills are supplements are also there to help. Still, people prefer creams and gels rather than pills and supplements.

Vaginal tightening surgery can also help you in transforming your loose vagina into a tight one. However, most of the people do not prefer vagina tightening surgery as it has side effects. Surgery produces instant results but can cause a health risk. Apart from this, these surgeries are not affordable for everyone. HerSolution Gel

The Verdict

Whether you are a guy or a girl, it’s your right to enjoy your sex life as much as you can. However, a sagging vagina can leave a woman unsatisfied and man also began to lose interest. This is why, women are in search for some magical solutions that can make them young again. Exercises and balanced diet are essential in this regard. But, if you are impatient and want quick results then you can go for surgeries. If you can’t afford surgeries, then try vaginal tightening products like V-Tight Gel.

Tight vagina, satisfied lust and pleased partner, what else do you want?