Seven weight reduction tips straight from Hollywood!

Who doesn’t love the West? We all do. Despite what people may say eighty percent of them do care about what goes down in the oh-so-famous Hollywood. Whether it’s a new movie or some celebrity scandal, we all want to know what’s really cooking in their world.

As cool as we may act, it does concern us (even when it shouldn’t or maybe it’s a matter of interest). Not only is Hollywood famous and well known for its movies, remarkable actors and melodious albums but the fitness plans of these celebrities are also taken into great consideration by the audience.

As these individuals are so famous, they have to constantly watch what they eat and work out to maintain their image (as sad as that sounds!). Some do it out of peer pressure while others just want to stay fit, like us. While some stars excessively work out when they’re in a mood to drop maximum weight, others look into living a balanced life, keeping themselves healthy and working out side by side. Weight loss pills are also another great way to lose weight quickly.

Take a look at the top tips from the most experienced stars; the ones who managed to drop pounds without starving themselves to death.

  • Slow and steady wins the race

Take it from one of our favourite Kardashians, Khloe, who lost thirty pounds in a year and a half. How? She worked hard, real hard. Not only that she didn’t starve herself of her favourite foods, instead she indulged in them in small portions. It may seem slow to you right now, but its better to follow an attainable routine which will stay with you longer and help you lose a hell lot of weight eventually.

  • Lighten up your mind

Find new innovative ways to add workouts into your routine. It really is all about willpower. Everyone can make time for toning. Jenna Dewan Tatum is a true inspiration in this case. Want to know how she lost her baby weight?
By indulging in lunges as well as calf raises as she rocked her little bundle of joy to sleep daily. That too for about forty-five minutes. Perseverance!  Melissa McCarthy Weight Loss

  • Add more action

Try to incorporate as much movement as you can in your workout routine. Even if it just walking; do it! Jessica Simpson is the person to look up to in this matter. Not only did she go for 45-minute resistance work outs thrice every week but she also logged around eight thousand to ten thousand steps during a single day. This was right after her pregnancy when she wanted to get rid of the excessive baby weight.

  • Don’t shut food out (completely)

Saying good-bye to the food you love (whether its that hot chocolate sundae or the rich cheese burger) is never the solution. Kim Kardashian has said how she follows a diet plan while at the same time allows herself a cheat meal every week. Even experts say that it is better to satisfy your cravings once in a day rather than binging the whole day the next day.

  • Take it easy

Relax! Keep your cool; never lose it. Christina Aguilera used Reiki (an ancient Asian practice) to lose weight. In her defense, it kept her at peace with herself and her environment which in turn slimmed her down. Research has proven that if you’re managing your stress levels in a good way, then that can help you drop those extra pounds faster than you could ever imagine.

  • Count it as socializing

Learn to consider your workout routine as a social occasion. Melissa Joan Hart started taking her gym time as socializing. She went with people, whether it was her husband or her friends. As a result, she lost about seventy pounds after her third baby. Yes, SEVENTY! When you involve others in your workout routine, that keeps you motivated by giving you more incentive to go to the gym and stick to your healthy diet.

  • Its all about you

Don’t do it for the guy you want to date, don’t do it because your mama says you are fat, don’t do it for the guy who shattered your self esteem by telling you that he was too good for you, do it for no one but you! When you do things for others to satisfy them or make them happy, you give up after a point.

So find that inner motivation and get on to your work out routine. That’s what Jennifer Hudson came to terms with when she went from a size sixteen to a size six. She said that the crux is to do it for you. If you don’t have that in you, you wouldn’t be able to make it to the finish line.

Hollywood can be very inspiring while best weight loss pills are more!