Few Keys to Healthy Weight Loss

Medical experts define weight loss as reduction in body mass by depleting extra reserves of fat and fluid inside the body.

Weight loss should always be healthy. Tiny steps should be taken in order to lose weight gradually.

Extreme weight loss at a faster pace pushes a person towards fatal health consequences.

Eat healthy to shed healthy!

Here are some key points to keep in mind when starting your weight loss journey:

  • Do Not Skip any Meal

A lot of persons develop a habit of skipping their meal and comprehend that this would help them reduce fast. That is 100% wrong!! When a person eats his meal a process named as Metabolism starts along with food digestion process.

Metabolism breaks down the chemicals and nutrients e.g. fat inside the food to form energy packets. Also, it helps the nutrients become part of the cells that collectively form a healthy human body. If metabolism is fast then food digests instantly and builds a healthy structure for body.

If this process slows down, nutrients do not reach their destination. Toxins remain inside the body and do not expel. Consequently, fat doesn’t break down, accumulate in body tissue and makes a person bulky and overweight. So, skipping meals isn’t an option for weight loss.

  • Eat Balanced Diet

Weight loss demands for portion controlling your diet i.e. eat 50-80% of your meal. Developing this habit will eventually give you a feeling of being full before finishing full 100% of the meal. But keep in mind a balanced diet that calls for a food that is enriched in all nutrients and minerals either they are fats, proteins or carbohydrates.

Always include 5 food groups: Dairy, meats and poultry, grains and legumes, vegetables and fruits part of your food that you consume on daily bases. All of these foods are specific in nutrients that a body needs in order to build a healthy body structure.

However, there are supplements that can also give you boost of energy and help you in shedding your weight quite efficiently.

Phen375 is one of those supplements that provides an upsurge of energy and suppresses your hunger. Phen375 weight loss pills  along with balanced diet is the best combination to lose healthy and stay fit.

  • Start with a Healthy Diet

Many people believe that in order to meet daily calorie requirement they can eat any food that stays inside calorie limit.

This is not true. A refined or even canned food with preservatives in it is less in nutrition value. Following are some foods that are healthy:

  • Eat Green

Green vegetables are the rich source of vitamins, fibers, iron and calcium. Research suggests that consuming green vegetables lower the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Consuming a portion of leafy and green vegetables reduces the risk of becoming diabetic and heart patient by 9 percent and 11 percent respectively. Some examples of green vegetables are: broccoli, kale, spinach, mustard greens and many more.

  • Consume More Fruits

Fruits contain more fibers and natural sugar in them. Adding a portion of fruit that counts for 80 grams should be added in daily eating. Though fruits are high in carbohydrates, it is suggested that fruits should be taken in moderate amount.

The sugar in it can b only metabolized by liver. So, if there is excessive fruit intake during weight loss the extra sugar (fructose) that is a form of carbohydrates will be converted into fats and becomes a part of body. There are some fruits that are best during weight loss journey.

Watermelon is 90% water and very low in calorie. It helps in optimal bowel movements. A medium size apple contains only 40-50 calorie and no fat or carbs. Likewise, Guava is a good source of nutrients.

Banana gives an instant surge of energy. Pears are great for weight management and aid in maintaining a better digestive system.

  • Consume Good Fats

Not all fats deteriorate the health status of an individual rather some mono-saturated fats are good for health and weight loss. High density lipids (HDL) are best for weight loss and they are good for your heart and body health.

Some good fats are essential for the maintenance of our body organs, muscles and cell architecture. The sources of human friendly fats are: olive oil, avocado, walnut and nuts, coconut and fish.

  • Eat Mindfully

Last but not the least, eating mindfully is as much important as eating while staying in calorie intake limits. Since one may follows the diet plans and keep in check the weight loss or gain, there may be certain habits that still makes them more vulnerable to weight gain rather than weight loss.

Here are some ways that may help you enjoy your food more and assist you achieving your dream weight:

  • Drink a lot of water before Main Course

Drinking a lot of water prior to main course occupies a major portion of stomach and leaves a little space for food.

Drinking water between and before meal reduces your appetite and helps you in eating less than you crave.  http://thecelebritynewsblog.com

  • Concentrate on your Food

Switch off your TV, laptop, Mobile devices and even your thoughts; just concentrate on what you are eating. If you are glued to these distractions there might be a chance that you won’t satisfy and this leads to overeating.

  • Keep track of what you are eating

Food journaling is a one way of telling you how the food is working for you. If certain food makes you lazy or hungry before time this is an indication of switching to another food that is calorie smart and more fulfilling than the one you are eating.

There are certain app available for smart phones that track you food intake and even count calories for you.

Shedding extra fat from your body is a sign that you care for your quality of life by protecting yourself from the risk of exposing to life threatening diseases due to obesity.

But losing weight in a healthy way is more important than anything else.

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