How to Keep Excess Weight Off During Vacations?

Vacation: the ideal place to get away from your horrendous boss, the real life monotony, buzzing alarms and endless household work. But as you travel, you know the real risk, the new found incentive and high motivation to leave behind your perfect diet and extensive work out. Although it is very much possible to work out side by side while at vacation if you’re a fitness freak but many still consider resorting to weight loss pills such as PhenQ.

However, on the brighter side, experts say that a vacation can be the best time to sharpen your health habits. Why? You are stress free, your sleeping pattern is on point and you’re in a new place, new city indulging in different experiences. The real challenge which will benefit you is to keep up with your usual healthy diet with an extra bit of cheat meals.

Following up, we share with you some of the top tips to maintain your weight during a holiday, just how the fitness pros suggest it.

  • Keep natural and healthy snacks

Don’t do junk, just don’t. Its not worth it, it never will be. Its better to keep dried fruit or little bags of nuts with you to munch on rather than a packet of unhealthy crisps. Even fruit would work.

  • Work the airport

So what if you’ve checked in ages before your flight take off, use that time wisely. Instead of sitting in the lounge like a laze ball or skimming through magazines, get up and walk back and forth in the terminals. Go window shop if that interests you (smart way as you won’t be spending money and working out). If there are stairs present, make sure you’re on to them as inclination burns calories faster.

  • Play the buffet card smartly

Don’t just drink wise but also eat so. Yes, the unlimited ravishing buffets filled with endless pancakes, scrambled eggs, bagels, French toast, omelets can be very tempting. But if you control yourself at that point that will really help you later during the day. Start off with sipping a little bit of coffee as that will contract your appetite. Then take a round of the whole place, choosing strategically what to eat; go for the healthy stuff such as fruit, yogurt, egg whites, etc

  • Carry your workout with you

We’re not asking you to spend your holiday working out. No. That is not how its supposed to be but at the same time you should devote some time to exercising on a daily basis if you want to indulge in that appetizer or sugary cocktail at the beach. So what if your hotel or resort does not provide you with the gym facility, take a skipping rope with you.

  • Choose wisely: Dessert or drink?

You can’t bake the cake and eat it too. Yes, we agree that drinks and dessert are the essentials to live through a vacation but at the same time if you aim at maintaining your figure and weight, it is important that you pick one of the too. So before really jumping to a decision make sure that you thoroughly read the full menu and then conclude as to what you desire.

  • Make use of hotel perks

Don’t think of working out as a task. Many hotels, actually most of them have in built gyms. You would be surprised at the high end equipment and machinery present in these places. Some of them are open for extended hours, while others are accessible around the clock (for twenty-four hours) and all seven days for your convenience. Don’t miss out on these opportunities as they are what will help you maintain your ideal weight.

  • Think before you drink

What you have at the bar can really impact your weight. You may be super fascinated by that umbrella topping fruit filled cocktail, but what you don’t realize is how even if you have just one of those, every day by the end of the day you would have gained a pound or more. So it is important that you choose your drink very wisely, go for the skinnier drinks; the ones with less calorie count e.g. vodka soda and champagne.

  • Involve your family

Take part in activities which include physical activity, whether its volleyball at the beach or renting out bicycles to thoroughly explore the area, make sure your family is a part of these outings with you. This refers to the ‘forced family fun’ part of the vacation. Not only will your loved ones be accompanying you but at the same time you all would be on your road to fitness!

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